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Wardrobe Detox – Starting on my minimalist journey!

It’s true what they say, when you clear your house/wardrobe you clear more space in your mind. It sounds so strange that things you have can be weighing you down, yet I have found it to make total sense. Subconsciously all that clutter has been waiting to stress you out! I’ve

Vegan in Rome, it’s much easier than you think!

It seems like all of a sudden, Rome is a Mecca for vegans. Not only do the supermarkets carry some fantastic vegan friendly ranges, but restaurants are catching on too with vegan specific menus that have a great selection, not just a garden salad like some places we will not

Less than 24 hours in Rome? You can still pack in a lot of sightseeing!

Last week, we arrived in Rome around 1:45pm having got the train from Ciampino to Termini. We'd already booked our night in an apartment suite just next to the Vatican, so we decided to walk from Termini, straight down Via Cavour, which eventually spits you out between the Colosseum and