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Thai Cauliflower & Red Pepper Curry with Fragrant Basmati Rice

When I say Thai Food, what do you think? Fresh, flavoursome, lemongrass, curry… I love Thai inspired food, my first girls’ holiday was to Phuket back in 2000, we stayed in Karon Bay and had 3 glorious weeks of seeing the sites and eating and drinking a lot. We ate fresh pineapple on the beach in Kata Bay, sesame cashew nuts straight from the factory line in Phuket and we had more than a few Mai Thai cocktails whilst playing Jenga in the local bars of Patong. In fact, it was on our first night out in Thailand that I tried Lychees, first impressions were, they looked weird but tasted delicious.

It was an amazing time, the things we saw and did were wonderful; snorkeling on Coral Island, watching the sun set with crowds of locals and tourists alike at Promthep Cape, touring the temples of Phuket, seeing a 15m reclining Bhudda, being blessed by a Buddhist monk in Suwan Kuha Temple, speed boat rides, Phang Nga, the list is endless, we packed a lot into that holiday.

This is strangely making me want to go back for another holiday, I think I might have to just venture to a Thai restaurant in Edinburgh while I’m back there next week!


Thai Cauliflower & Red Pepper Curry

Thai Cauliflower & Red Pepper Curry with Fragrant Basmati Rice

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Serves 2 (ready in 30 – 40 minutes)


For the Curry

1 onion finely chopped

2 garlic cloves minced

The juice of 1 Lime

3 cups Cauliflower florets

Handful of Green Beans

1 red pepper chopped

Can of Coconut milk

Thai curry paste (see below)


1 tsp red chili flakes

Sesame Seeds

Spring Onions finely chopped




1. Heat a large frying pan or wok then add in the onion and garlic along with a tablespoon of water and allow to sauté for 4 minutes.


2. Add the curry paste (below) and the cream from the top of the coconut milk and cook for 3 minutes before adding the remaining coconut milk, cauliflower, green beans, red pepper, chili flakes and the lime juice and stir together and cook for 6-8 minutes until cauliflower is cooked.


3. Lastly stir through the coriander and serve with the rice, topped off with the chopped spring onions and sesame seeds.



Thai Curry Paste

3 red chillies

½ onion

½ red pepper




2 garlic cloves


1 tsp Ground coriander

1 tsp chili flakes

½ tbsp soy sauce




Add everything to a food processor (or use a stick blender like me) blitz until smooth.


For the rice

1 cup basmati rice

2 cups veg stock

2 bay leaves

½ onion

Pinch cloves

1 cinnamon stick

Pinch saffron




1. Sauté the onion in a small pan with 1 tbsp water, then add in the rice, cloves, cinnamon, saffron and bay leaves and stir together to coat the rice, then add in the stock and give it a quick stir, turn the heat right down low, cover and allow to cook for 15-20 minutes.



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