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Exploring the Gold Coast – Surfer’s Paradise (Part 2 of our Australia Adventure)

Just a short flight from Sydney and you can find yourself walking on the white sand beaches of the Gold Coast. It’s only an hour and a half away, so very easy to get to if you want to explore further than Sydney. The morning flight we were on was packed

Arriving in the wonderful land of Oz – Part 1 of our Australian Adventure

Going to Australia had been on my bucket list for a long, long time after spending over a decade listening to Martin and his old uni friends talk about their gap year in this magical place called “Manly” and it seemed important to me to experience this place first hand

Taking on the mighty Swinica

“There is no fun without risk” That’s the exact words that came from a fellow hiker on his descent from Swinica summit. We were just coming up to the section where the via ferrata chains began and this guy came flying down the steep slope with a big smile on his

Fight the fear by mountain climbing in Zakopane

Truth be told I had been stressing and worrying about our trip to Zakopane. After Martin told me we would be mountaineering and taking on the High Tatra Mountains I got straight onto google to read up about it… not such a great idea to be honest. Image after image

It’s an epic adventure, roaming Italy in 2014

When we decided to go back to Italy this year for a holiday, I don't think even we imagined how amazing it would. We love Italy, be it the bustling streets of Rome to the more sedate wanderings around the porticoes of Bologna. Previously we've been to Italy on short breaks