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Vegan Garden Loaf with Marmalade Glaze

There are times when you just want something seriously hearty for dinner, and yesterday was one of those days for me, so I went looking for a recipe that just screamed comfort food and I happened upon a fab website called gluten-free goddess and alas, I was hooked. When it comes

Vegan Quesadillas With Mango Salsa A Taste Sensation

There are times when you're out on a food shop and you come across something that you want to eat right there and then, well this happened yesterday with the fresh mangoes we spotted in the local fruit market.  The smell of this mango was incredible and I couldn't wait

Celebrity Vegetarians and Vegans

If you need any inspiration on jumping on the vegan/vegetarian diet then this should give you a heads up. These are just some of the stars I came across in looking for vegans & vegetarians. I had no idea than many of these stars were vegans/vegetarians and I can now see how

Vegan Nori Rolls – Delicious for lunch

Today I thought I'd do something a bit special for lunch and as I used to be a big fan of sushi before I changed my diet, I thought I'd give the Nori rolls a go (no fish this time of course). I got all the kit, the rolling mat, chopsticks,