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Visit to my sister’s place, May 2013

“What’s this got to do with inspiration..?”

I shall tell you. My sister is an absolute inspiration to me, she lives in a foreign land where no one speaks a word of English and yet she has mastered the language to such a level that she converses freely with anyone she meets, she’s confident and helpful to others, she gets up at the crack of dawn to start the day (I tried to get her to do some Yoga in the morning but she wasn’t feeling it!!)

The view from the sunroom... perfect for Yoga.
The view from the sunroom… perfect for Yoga.

Bless her heart, when I arrived we did a pit stop for some food as they hadn’t eaten all day when coming to pick me up from the airport, she deliberately turned her back to I wouldn’t see her eating a big cheesey meat pizza, I tried to explain to her that everyone makes their own food choices and I won’t judge anyone, but during the course of my stay she asked more and more about us being vegan as she could see a big change in me (for the better of course), so while I was staying with them, they went vegetarian which I thought was a step in the right direction and my sis wants to learn more about a plant based diet, so I’ll be sending her some of the books I’ve read and see where it leads her.

She’s also provided me with a beautiful niece and nephew who are utterly adorable and it makes me very proud to see the family and life she has created for herself…. so there… my sister is an inspiration to me!

My little sis and I
My little sis and I
My baby nephew looking mischievous.
My baby nephew looking mischievous.


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