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Very Simple Oreo Cupcakes with Cookie Frosting

I have wanted to make these for a while now but have had the little snag that the Oreos available to me here were not vegan, however, recently they have started importing the properly made Oreos that don't have the milk powder in them, so when I found them I

Cranberry & Pistachio Chocolate Cookies

Weekend baking starts here and I've gone cookie mad! I bought some dried cranberries that just seem to go so well in cakes, cookies and muffins, so I might just have to stock up on them as they are handy to have in. If you don't have cranberries, just sub

No Bake Cherry Energy Bars

This is the first of my cherry recipes, I thought that the fresh cherries would be fabulous in a nutty energy bar with a dash of vanilla and I was absolutely right, I just keep these in the freezer and take a bar out when I want one. I got