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Simple Homemade Mushroom & Lentil Pie

I don't often cook with pastry but when I think of homemade comfort foods, a cheeky puff pastry pie is usually high on the list. Normally there would be a jug of gravy too but the filling in the pie is really moist and juicy that we didn't really need

Fiery Mushroom Pizza with Jalapenos and Hot Sauce

The last few times I've made a pizza I've just used shop bought flat breads or even large pitta breads as the base, but I went back to basics yesterday and made my own wholewheat dough and whipped up a hot, hot, hot pizza for Sunday movie night.... we watched

Bhindi Bhaji with Mushroom Biryani (Okra Curry)

ooooooh!!!! Very excited to share this... I've tried to make a biryani before but it just didn't quite turn out right, that is until last night. I took a little leaf out of my risotto recipe and made some modifications to cooking the rice and it worked an absolute treat,