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Taking on the mighty Swinica

“There is no fun without risk” That’s the exact words that came from a fellow hiker on his descent from Swinica summit. We were just coming up to the section where the via ferrata chains began and this guy came flying down the steep slope with a big smile on his

An Epic Hike to Morskie Oko

If you go down to the woods today… you’re sure of a big surprise! Never has a truer word been spoken on this occasion. The plan: Get up and out for 4am, walk to Morskie Oko (not bus – Walk) go see the beautiful lake, climb up to Czarny Staw pod

Fight the fear by mountain climbing in Zakopane

Truth be told I had been stressing and worrying about our trip to Zakopane. After Martin told me we would be mountaineering and taking on the High Tatra Mountains I got straight onto google to read up about it… not such a great idea to be honest. Image after image

Veggie Irish Stew and Dumplings

Right, I should probably start by saying that the last few recipes have been great big portions and are quite calorific, this is ONLY because we have increased our daily activity for our Legion Run training and we want to make sure that we are eating sufficient to cover our

It’s an epic adventure, roaming Italy in 2014

When we decided to go back to Italy this year for a holiday, I don't think even we imagined how amazing it would. We love Italy, be it the bustling streets of Rome to the more sedate wanderings around the porticoes of Bologna. Previously we've been to Italy on short breaks

Our little trip away to Bath, UK

While in the UK this summer we booked a week away in Bath so we could go have a look around the beautiful English countryside and take in some of the local sights, mainly Bath City, Stonehenge, Old Sarum and a little hike up Solsbury Hill just across from where