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Very Simple Oreo Cupcakes with Cookie Frosting

I have wanted to make these for a while now but have had the little snag that the Oreos available to me here were not vegan, however, recently they have started importing the properly made Oreos that don't have the milk powder in them, so when I found them I

Iced Carrot and Blackberry Jam Loaf

I simply love my new loaf tin, so much so I think I might be slightly addicted to it. I've made 3 different cake/loaves and I made our main dinner dish tonight using it too, it's just such an easy tool to have in the kitchen, if you haven't already

Coffee & Brazil Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I made the cookie batter for this recipe and tasted it, it reminded me of the truffles my mum would make when I was younger, she would make coffee and walnut though and they would be huge truffles that she would keep on a plate in the fridge, unguarded,

Papaya & Matcha Cake with Green Tea Frosting

I'd completely forgotten about the pack of Matcha Green Tea Powder I got a while back, it's been hiding at the back of my cupboard and I rescued it the other day and put it to good use.  I've only used it once before in a cookie recipe and thought

Chocolate Bakewell Muffins with Almond Frosting

Almonds.... yummy, I'll eat almonds and marzipan all day long if I could and I love to bake with them, they are sublime in cookies and cakes and with a little help from some almond extract, well, need I say more, a taste sensation! My mouth has just started to