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Winter Warmer, Apple, Plum & Cranberry Crumble

I made a crumble the other day for dessert and decided to forego the traditional apple crumble, so I threw in some other delicious fruits that I had in the kitchen, which happened to be Plums and Cranberries. As it's winter and it's getting cool, the colours of the plum

Veggie Shepherds Pie served with Crushed Balsamic Peas

I am in food heaven at the moment, we tried out a new supermarket in town yesterday and lo and behold they have an enormous 'health food' section and I found all the goodies I have been craving. I stocked up on Goji berries, Chia Seeds, Quinoa, Buckwheat flour, Spelt

Curry Chickpea & Potato Pie, ideal comfort food.

I think I might have pie on the brain at the minute, so much so I think I may have dreamed about them last night. I made this curry pie as I wanted something spicy and had just bought some lovely Indian pickles that I wanted to get into. I