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Quick and Easy Spicy Vegetable & Black Olive Bolognese

Woo hoo, back in my kitchen and cooking up a storm.... well in the form of a quick, easy and might I add delicious pasta dish following our victorious afternoon of football and us winning a match! Howay the mighty Toon (Newcastle United for the uninitiated!) I've already started my baking

Hot and Spicy Chili Senza Carne

I had a real hankering for a hot chili yesterday, we'd already bought a big bag of tortilla chips and I had some beautiful hot red chillis just screaming to be used, so I put them to good use in this chili senza carne (chili without meat), I even flung

Quick and Easy Spaghetti Arrabiata

I wanted something quick and easy to make last night as I had been out for a long lunch and had spent quite a few hours just gossiping and enjoying the sunshine, so it was quite late but the time I got home. So the every trustworthy pasta dish was