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Cherry and Chocolate Chip Soft Serve Ice Cream

I saw this recipe for Cherry Garcia Ice Cream and just had to give it a go, I'd already prepped my banana and cherries by chopping them up and popping them in the freezer. I did this the day before and I would recommend making sure that they are properly

Deliciously Moist Cherry Muffins with a hint of Almond

Here is the other Cherry recipe I mentioned a few days ago, I've only just remembered to post it as we've just finished the last 2 muffins today whilst watching an episode of Hornblower... ooh Horatio! The muffins were still beautifully moist, even after 4 days, I just kept them in

No Bake Cherry Energy Bars

This is the first of my cherry recipes, I thought that the fresh cherries would be fabulous in a nutty energy bar with a dash of vanilla and I was absolutely right, I just keep these in the freezer and take a bar out when I want one. I got

Chocolate Cherry Muffins, ready in 30 minutes.

I hunted high and low for some fresh cherries but had to make do with canned instead, but the muffins turned out a treat, so if you can't get fresh cherries don't worry about it, try and get cherries that are in their own juice as opposed to in syrup