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SATC and the New Carrie Diaries Fashion Extravaganza!

If you’re like me, you’ve more than likely watched Sex and The City over and over again, returning to favourite episodes, favourite series or just favourite outfits. This used to be a style bible for women in their twenties and then as the SATC girls got older so did we, but fashion icons they remained in our eyes, with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parking) as our fashion Goddess.

I still search for SATC style outfits and accessories and love some of the quirky stuff I’ve worn over the years that were inspired by a Carrie creation. It wasn’t just the fashion that we, as twenty somethings, wanted to emulate, it was the fast and fun lifestyle of being in a big city and hanging out with our besties, travel and art galleries, love and romance, it was all encompassing.

So I was delighted when I first heard about the Carrie Diaries, with AnnaSophia Robb taking the role as Carrie Bradshwaw, and having seen a few of the outfits already lined up, I can see a whole new wave of 80’s style fashions hitting the high streets this year as young women go in search of the SATC dream.

What I love about some of the fashion in the Carrie Diaries is that they can be for any age, so us “older” fans can still get our fashion fix, the shoes, the colours, the sheer thrill of seeing great outfits put together, and new fans can add some new styles to their wardrobes.

The Carrie Diaries will premiere in fall 2012 – can’t wait!

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