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Reading List for 2013 – Must get back into reading more books

I love reading books and can whizz through them when the notion takes me, but sometimes, especially after an epic novel, I find myself more prone to spending my free time watching films instead. I have a bookshelf dedicated to books I’ve bought over the last few months that I really want to read, I just need to prioritise when I’ll read each one!

I remember when I was 12, 13 years old and I’d go up to Princes Street where there was one of those bargain book shops (it was right next to Razzle Dazzle… oooh the glitz of the early 90’s eh!) I would devour the  Point Horror book corner they had, they only took about an hour and a half to read at best, but I’d get a couple for the weekend and just lose myself in these great little books.

Then started my Stephen King phase… this lasted a long time (actually it never ended), I loved and still love to read King’s work, you can just immerse yourself in his world and it can be terrifying, exciting and also disappointing when the book ends.

I have a vivid memory of reading Misery, I must have been 14 or 15, had my little torch pen reading under the duvet when it was after “lights off”, then it got to the part where Annie finds out Paul can escape his room (I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it, but when you do, you’ll know what I mean!) I had to put the book down, my heart was racing. I always remember being so very disappointed when I watched the film years later. I was sat with my grandad, irritating him with ‘that didn’t happen in the book”, “that’s wrong”, “that’s not what’s supposed to happen”.

Actually, writing this post has reminded me why I love to read and inadvertently inspired me to get cracking on my 2013 reading list. The books I have are from authors I know I like and also a few wild cards where I am trying out some new genres that I’m not used to, but I’ll give them a go!

Here’s my 2013 list so far in no particular order (I’ll be adding to this as I am forever getting books from the charity shop)

I’m currently reading The Alienist by Caleb Carr

A Dance with Dragons by George R.R.Martin (Game of Thrones series)

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (need to read before I see the film)

Life of Pi by Yann Martel (again, need to read before I see the film)

A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follett

1356 by Bernard Cornwell

Outlaw by Angus Donald

At Home by Bill Bryson

The Litigators by John Grisham

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time series) This is my wild card, not my usual style of book, but looked interesting.

Bagombo Snuff Box by Kurt Vonnegut


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