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October Inspiration, P!nk, P90X, Jillian Michaels and being the best you can be!

We were watching The Daily Show the other week and P!nk was a guest star singing one of her new tracks. I used to love P!nk’s music when I was younger and then she kind of went off the radar for a while, but I had forgotten, not only about her incredible voice but also how physically fit she is, the woman is the same age as I am and it puts me to utter shame when I see the condition she keeps herself in.

If you watch her latest music video “Try” you’ll see exactly what I mean, she is my top inspiration for this month as I look to revamp my exercise plan, I’ve shifted from routine to routine and I still love mixing up my exercises, but it’s time to cut the easy session to a minimum.

My plan is to reintroduce P90X (might even try P90X2) into my week. I had some fantastic results with Tony Horton’s at home workouts and I want to tone my arms and legs a lot more and with AbRipperX my abs will be worked to within an inch of their lives.

Then of course there is always Jillian Michaels, I’ve been a big fan of Jillian for years now, I’ve followed her on Biggest Loser and worked out on her 30 day shred (which is an amazing workout regime!). Last but not least I really need to get my backside back to Yoga class and get stretching out my limbs, I kept putting it off as my current class was packed to an intolerable level, but they’ve just built a new studio and it’s huge, so lots more room to move around in, so will give it another go.

One thing I do have to bear in mind is that I’m over 5 ” taller than P!nk (if the internet is right and she is 5’4″) so I don’t have any great visions of having Martin hoy me up over his head while I do the splits (I’d break his back!). My body shape is going to be different to that of P!nk and Jillian, but their stamina and determination, that I can work towards and aim to be the fittest “me” I can be!

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