Looking for a great holiday that won’t leave you penniless? Then Glamping may be the travel inspiration for you!

I only just heard the term “Glamping” today when I saw this gorgeous site next to Loch Ness in Scotland. Glamping, is luxury camping… such a cute term!

We’re planning on heading back up to Edinburgh next summer and if I’m in that vicinity anyways… well it would just be rude not to give this a go.

I posted a few weeks back that I’ve taken a real interest in “Tiny Houses” and this is just a great way of sampling the premise of small living areas. It also helps that these particular armadilla’s are beautifully furnished and so close to all the activities that make a good holiday Great!

What’s not to love!

More photos and prices on their website here

Oh and watch out for auld Nessie!!

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