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Healthy Eating paying off already

We’ve only been on our new clean vegan style diet for almost 2 weeks and already a friend told me this morning that I’d lost weight.  Now my actual plan isn’t to lose any weight as I feel fine how I am, but I did want to “tighten” everything up and become leaner.

Last week we watched ‘Fat sick and nearly dead‘ which was a great documentary based on one man’s journey from being fat sick and nearly dead, through to getting his life back on track and losing all his weight and the results this brings him, he also meets some great people he helps along the way.  The film really prompted us to look at getting even more healthy foods into our daily diet, so we decided to buy a juicer and have been adding some delicious  nutrient packed drinks into our daily diet, mainly apple carrot and ginger, although today I popped in a few celery sticks as well, which was tasty and so good for you. There are some great juice recipes here.

Throughout this two week diet change my skin has never been as good (atopic dermatitis sufferer) and I have only had one break out since I stopped eating meat, dairy and all processed foods, as it turns out that I have an intolerance for oranges, so it’s only one little thing I can’t eat. But on the whole the new diet is really working and I’m loving all the new recipes I’m coming across which make life so much easier.

Today I even made homemade crisps to go with our lunch, Martin found a recipe and we thought we’d give it a go as you just can’t buy “clean” crisps, they all have some stuff you can’t even pronounce in the ingredients list, so we went au natural and they were delish!

My first attempt at home made crisps

Recipe for home made crisps:

1 potato thinly sliced (you can use a mandolin grater if you have one)

1 tbs Olive Oil

Some spices (you can use sea salt, paprika, pepper, cayenne, what ever is your favourite)

Put your thin slices of potato in a zip lock bag along with the olive oil and give it a good shake making sure that all the potatoes are covered, then remove them from the bag and layer them onto a large plate (they shouldn’t overlap as it makes them slightly soggy), pop them in the microwave (on high setting) for roughly 5 – 8 minutes (depends on thickness of your slices – just keep checking them). Mine took about 7 as they were slightly thicker cut slices, your slices should crisp right up and turn a lovely golden colour, take them out of the microwave and sprinkle with your spices and give them a shake, repeat the process until all your slices have been done. (I kept the previous batch in another zip lock bag until they were all ready as they can go soft quickly if left out)  Enjoy!

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