Fashion for women in their 30s and the stars who inspire our wardrobes

I’m not sure if it happens to all women when they hit their 30s, but I have to admit that I do find myself bewildered in the light of many of the new fashions that come out on the high street. I have that real sense of dread that perhaps a woman of my age, almost 33, should perhaps shy away from the 6 inch platformed shoes (be ridiculous on me anyway, it would make me 6ft 3.5 inches tall… I’d bang my head on a cloud!) or the teeny tiny mini skirts that I would have loved when I was in my early twenties but now think twice about it’s appropriateness, so I am always on the look out for classic casual styles, ones that don’t go out of date after a month of wearing them.

So where do we look for inspiration, me, usually on some online fashion magazine, where I can find pics of the stars in their casual, everyday attire.  I tend to skip the pics of awards or premieres as it’s likely they’ve been dressed by a stylist and it’s not their own natural choice.

Some of my favourite style inspirations for 30 somethings are: Charlize Theron (36), Eva Mendes (38), Jessica Alba (31), Jessica Biel (30), Katherine Heigl (34) and Milla Jovovich (36). They each have a great casual style, it looks so effortless and just works and you don’t have to clad yourself in designer brands to achieve the look either.

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