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DIY Designer Refashion, transform an old vest top into something special.

It’s been a week or 2 since I’ve had a chance to add any DIY refashions to my “to do list” which is growing rapidly.  I keep meaning to pick up some pieces in the charity shop to refashion, but I come back with some other fabulous item I’ve spied! This week, I was in the local hospice charity shop and they had the most stunning Moschino Blazer, it was just sat there on the display SCREAMING my name and “buy me buy me”! So of course I had to… it was a mere €5 (which I think is $6.50), there was also an H&M cardigan (brand new for €2), I was so excited about my purchase I forgot all about the tie I wanted (preppy tie necklace) or the oversized t shirt (basket weave shirt) so I could have a go at some of the fabulous tutorials…

Bit disappointed as well, I ordered studs (see post from months ago) which still haven’t arrived, after 8 weeks I think I’ll need to pass them off as lost and see if I can pick up some more elsewhere. On a positive note, my fabric scissors arrived so I can chop to my hearts content without it looking like a slashed the fabric with my finger nails!

But back to fantastic tutorials, I found this vest refashion on rufflesandstuff and I just love the delicate look of the vest top and can imagine numerous occasions when I might wear something like this, it’s gorgeous. I could dress it up with my pencil skirt and some heels, or team it with my dark blue jeans and boots with a little cardigan (perhaps my charity shop purchase!!!)

I do agree with Disney, this would be lovely with maybe one flower in a different colour to make it really stand out. It’s got a real Carrie Bradshaw look to it. Fabulous.

Full tutorial here.



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