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Tricolor Pasta with Fresh Coriander Pesto, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Basil Sauteed Mushrooms

I'm getting so used to seeing the spaghetti in my pasta photos that I thought I would mix it up a bit with some cheeky tricolor spiral pasta. It made a nice change and held the pesto nicely too in the little ridges to capture that great flavour. You could

Chili Chickpea Couscous with Roasted Sweet Potato Bites and a Cherry Tomato & Mint Dressing

I could eat chickpeas all day long, they are such a wonderfully versatile legume, whether you're adding it to a salad, curry, burgers or blitzing it up into some wonderful hummus or roasting them for a quick snack, you can do pretty much anything with them. So it's not surprising

Quick and Easy Aubergine Dhal served with Peshwari Polenta

Even typing the title of this post got my mouth watering, I have to say that I have fallen in Love with my Peshwari Polenta, I love Peshwari Naan and I love polenta so I thought about combining the 2 to come up with a beautiful and delicious alternative to

Balsamic Sautéed Mushrooms and Red Onion with Spaghetti and Shavings of Cashew

It's Pasta Day!! I feel a bit better having been back to the UK and seeing the multitude of Gluten free products in the supermarkets, as before I was sometimes a little uncertain as to what I could tell people to use as a substitute in some of my recipes,

Curried Buddha Bowl with Garlic Avocado topped with Crispy Red Onion Bhaji

I went for a little bit of fusion cooking last night, I had initially decided on my usual buddha bowl and got all my ingredients but at the last minute I really fancied something spicy, so amended it slightly to incorporate some Madras flavours. At first I wasn't sure about