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Banishing Period Pain – Monthly Update

I blogged last month the delightful benefits that a clean vegan diet has had on getting rid of my PMS and period pains and I just wanted to update you all that it was not a fluke or one off, this month was exactly the same.  No cramps, no bloating, no swelling (you know what I mean…), no back ache, niente!

I have to be honest, I was waiting.  After the care free cycle of last month, I had hoped I hadn’t jumped the gun a bit in telling everyone that I had managed to eradicate all my period agony after being on my clean vegan diet for just 2 months… but I was right to let you all in on the truth and can only hope that many of you who have gone down the same path as me are reaping the benefits.

I can’t believe the difference this has made to my life, it used to be debilitating, but it’s just so easy now.  I used to get stressed out the week running up to getting my period, planning my “fat” wardrobe, getting some chocolate in (always needed chocolate on that first day, trying to pacify myself) pain relief and of course missing out on going to the gym, out with friends, sometimes even work.  Just curl up in bed, fetal position and ride out the storm.

In all seriousness, if you suffer from PMS, cramps etc just try following a Vegan diet, really give it a go, cut out all meat, dairy, eggs, all animal products, you won’t regret it.

Start small, swap your cow’s milk for Soya, rice, coconut or oat milk, replace your meat with good proteins like chickpeas, kidney beans, any legumes really, stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, if you have to have a chocolate fix get some cacao or other dark chocolate (just check the ingredients and make sure there is no butter fat or milk products – you’d be amazed where they sneak it into!).

You really can do this, think of the long term benefits it will bring you health wise, stick to it, if you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up about it, just move on and get back on the good foods!  It really is a life changer!

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