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Veggie Enchiladas filled with spicy kidney beans, mixed peppers and Mexican spiced rice, topped with spicy mushroom marinara sauce

Keeping in with the theme of "comfort food" I think that I can easily pop this Enchiladas recipe in that category, it's a very hearty and filling dish and is packed full of the good stuff including kidney beans, mushrooms and mixed peppers, all great ingredients to keep us ticking

Deliciously Rich Lentil & Spinach Lasagne with a dairy free Bechamel Sauce

It's raining outside and I am thinking it's probably time to get out my autumn/winter sweaters, I also want a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate (made with hazelnut milk, yummy!) crazy how the weather affects not only our moods but our appetites. This is one of the reasons I

Sri Lankan Sweet Potato & Pea Curry served with Saffron and Turmeric Basmati Rice and topped with Coconut Sambal

Another day, another curry, it should be ZERO surprise to you by now that I eat a lot of curries and spicy food, I can't help it, I'm addicted to spice! This was going to be a sweet potato and cashew curry but I realised when I served it that

Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpea Tagine served with saffron spiced cashew & cranberry bulgur wheat and a minted tahini dressing

This is one of those dishes that when someone walks into the kitchen they can't help but ask what you are cooking and then try and pinch a bit of whatever is lying around! This tagine sends a tantalizingly exotic aroma through the kitchen and makes you wish it was