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Kung Pao Broccoli with Brown Rice and a sprinkling of Sesame Seeds

We were pretty hungry yesterday after our visit to the beach. The boys braved the sea, but it's still way too cold for me, so I just relaxed on the beach, listening to some summer tunes (in actual fact, I just fall asleep, it's my default setting as soon as

Portobello Mushroom & Black Eye Pea Cassoulet with Basil Bulgur and Green Beans

I went crazy in the kitchen last night and could easily have catered for about 6 people rather than 3, so the boys had double helpings to get it all finished! I also made my samosa bake yesterday which we had for lunch and I made the dark chocolate cupcakes

Fruit & Nut Cake with just a hint of Rhubarb

I have in my fridge a delicious Rhubarb Jam that I bought at our local market and it's really quite tasty, so I put together this incredibly easy cake recipe specifically to include some of this jam. I've made a marmalade cake before, so felt confident that this would turn

Curry Lentil & Butter Bean Slice served with Cucumber Mint Raita and Paprika Spiced Oven Baked Chips

To be honest, this started off as a burger recipe, but when I was getting ready to set up the patties I just thought that it would be easier to cook as one slice and divide it up into the necessary portions, as I knew I'd be saving half for

Visit to my sister’s place, May 2013

"What's this got to do with inspiration..?" I shall tell you. My sister is an absolute inspiration to me, she lives in a foreign land where no one speaks a word of English and yet she has mastered the language to such a level that she converses freely with anyone she